Saturday, July 27, 2013

9 weeks

Orginal post written June 15, 2013

How many weeks? 9

Showing? Not yet, but I still felt whale-ish walking around Bali in my bikini.

How am I feeling? Aside from freaking out when I don't feel any symptoms, I'm feeling pretty good. Major tiredness/jet lag from returning from the states doesn't help. Have had a few moments of "pukeworthyness", but so far have kept it all in.

Doctor’s Appointment? I had one at 6.5 weeks while still in the USA which showed a teeny tiny speck with a heartbeat. My eyes welled with tears because I kept telling myself it probably wouldn't be viable. The day before we left for Bali I had a panic attack and convinced myself that I had lost the baby (sudden loss of symptoms) so we ended up at the local hospital and received an ultrasound and good news. Baby measured good and had a strong heartbeat. Next scheduled one is in a week at an expat hospital in Shanghai where I plan to deliver. I will be seeing an American born and trained Chinese OB. 

Workouts? Said goodbye to Jillian. Jumping jacks make me have to pee. I've been doing my daily errands on foot, so walking is my best effort.

Sleep? I've been napping while Sal naps. Usually two hours a day!

Weight Gain?  2 lbs since I had last weighed myself. Started at 112 lbs

Baby Preparation? Some discussion of what changes we will need to make to have room for two.

Likes/Dislikes? Loving Egg salad sandwiches, cereal, apple huge aversions yet.

**this post was originally written June 15, 2013***

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