Friday, November 6, 2009

Something special

I have a friend.

An old friend.

We haven't talked in ages, but we attended the same elementary school, high school, and college. We grew up down the street from one another, and moving into Montecito as a 5th grade girl, I was thankful for a friend like her. Moving for any kid is never easy, but she and I had many afternoons of cookie baking, building bamboo forts , rollerskating in the burned down lot across from my house...and my favorite memory..shot-gunning cola cans on the rooftop of her parent's home.

This old friend of mine has come back into my life, in a very special way.

Re-united through ( who isn't on that thing these days?), we shared in the excitement of finding out we were both due in September with babies. As the months passed, I didn't communicate a whole lot with her unless I saw a new status update on her bun in the oven..

Imagine my surprise to see a Facebook update from her.. just after Independence day, that she had the same expectant mother's nightmare as I had just gone through.

How could it be?

I mean, I was supposed to be the one to bear the losses for all my friends. I am the person who is usually on the wrong side of the know, if there's a 1% chance of something happening, I am the 1% it happens to...

But, my dear childhood friend and I are now reunited through the losses of our daughters. We lost our girls within 8 weeks of one another. I can not say enough good things about how much of a support she has been for me.. She gets me. And pretty much anything she says, I know she 100% completely understands what we're both going through.

I decided that we both need to have something to keep around during the holidays so that our girly girls can be with our hearts...I found a couple of Ornaments at Kohl's one day and knew that this was how I was going to remember our baby at Xmas for years on out. It's simple, cute and very special to me. While standing in front of these cute little ornaments, sitting right next to "D" for our daughter's name, was an equally cute "E" for her daughter.

So, this Christmas, our little girls will be with us, and maybe one of these days we can climb up on her parent's roof and shot gun cola and talk about our babies without feeling like we shouldn't.

She really is something special.


  1. that will a nice reminder of your girls each year...not that either of you could ever forget them though.
    Love, Mom

  2. Wonderful idea! I also have a friend that I was connected with on FB through a mutual friend. Although we have never known of each other before, we have a bond that only 'we' can understand.
    Please, request me on FB, I would love to chat more and hear all about baby Z :)