Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kitchen's closed

Sorry Mr. Coon & neighbor kitty (yes Mimi, I'm talkin' to you)...

Kitchen is closed.

After a couple years of sharing Beav's gourmet Felidae, we've had enough. We already took the liberty of removing our indoor/outdoor cat door, thus making our beloved, outdoor kitty..which still breaks my heart. ( nevermind the other reason for his outdoor status being that he was using the sofas as scratching's much easier to blame you hoodlums instead).

We're now quite confident that we have you outsmarted.

Look what NZ found at Harbor Freight...the most amazing "coon proof" locks, ever.

So, I'd suggest you just give up the fight, and move on over to the East side...cause you're no match for these locks....suckas!!!...and don't even pretend you haven't tried to crack em...cause I see your claw marks everywhere.


Zentil's =Win

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