Saturday, February 28, 2009


My lights are here!

Time for NZ to start in on the installation..I am so excited! We did the back bedroom last year and it turned out great. The can lights made a huge difference, as did the removal of the popcorn ceiling! I just can't wait to see another room in the house "modernized".

Here's a before from when we bought the house.... Lovely valances stuffed with newspaper were left for us by the previous owners...the old man's suggestion to us upon moving in..." Don't change ANYTHING". Those valances came down a few weeks later. I just couldn't resist. By the time NZ ripped the shelving off the wall ( which was hung crookedly, might I add), there were layers of paint keeping them stuck to the wall, even after the brackets were removed.

A recent trip to Home Depot sent us home with new switch plates, baseboards, paint, hardware and fixtures, but we have been waiting on the lights..which were picked up this week, so it's time to rock and roll with the next room renovation.

Unfortunately, I can't help much with this project, I am not able to lift or be around fumes, so this room is all up to NZ. I'll stay out of the way the best I can so he can get it done without my two cents.

Our ceiling is stripped and the ugly light fixtures have been removed...

Yay for weekend projects!

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