Saturday, February 28, 2009

We're like an old Garth Brooks Song

So, the title of this blog came to me after listening to an old Garth Brooks Country song, aptly titled, "Two of a Kind, Workin on a Full House" because that's just what my husband NZ and I are doing...

We've been dating since early 2003, married since September 2006, and purchased our first home in Southern California in August 2007. We bought a modest single story tract home from a sweet old couple who surprisingly, remembered my husband's family since he grew up on the exact same street over 15 years ago. There is work to be done, and in due time, we'll give it a facelift, but for now, it suits us just fine.
I'm excited to have a house to raise a family, which has been our goal since moving in. It's been a long wait, but we're hoping by September 5th, 2009 we have a new baby to occupy one of our empty bedrooms.
After a year of struggling trying to conceive after my February 2008 miscarriage, I finally gave in and sought help for annovulation. My Doc started me on Provera the very next day, which was to bring on my monthly cycle, and thereafter, I would start the fertility drug, clomid, to assist in ovulation. Well, 10 days after starting the provera, I didn't start my cycle, and I freaked! It was 2 days after Christmas, and dammit! Santa didn't answer my big item requesat ( a baby!). I called the Doc who suggested I do a home pregnancy test and lo and behold, two faint lines.
Test #1 Test #4

Not believing it, I took another 3 tests ( thank goodness for the Dollar Store Cheapos!) and the lines got progressively darker over the next few days. I was confirmed pregnant by my Primary Doctor at 4 1/2 weeks pregnant. Talk about finding out early....Went in for my first ultrasound about a week and half later, assuring NZ he didn't need to go because it was mostly likely just an exam, but the Doc did an U/S and it dated me at 6 weeks 1 day...and I had promised NZ we would wait to announce the news this time until we had a heartbeat....but the 6 weeks 1 day ultrasound showed a strong heartbeat!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER.

6 weeks 1 day Ultrasound..Just a speck!
So, follow us ( or shall I say, me) along on this blog as I update the status of our road to having a full house.

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