Friday, December 11, 2015

Keeping busy

NZ was in India this past week, so the kids and I kept busy to make the days go faster and the nights seem shorter. 

Sunday night We kicked off our week with a drive through the neighborhood to check out Christmas lights  and ended it with a nightcap of McDonald's soft serve ice cream well after bedtime. Carla and Sal were so excited that they talked for two hours after I tucked them in that night. 

Tuesday was about 80 degrees and gorgeous, so we packed up our beach toys and snacks and headed to our favorite park on the beach. 

After school on Wednesday afternoon we invited our favorite baby sitter over to make a gingerbread house and Christmas tree ice cream cones. 

On Thursday we drove to Santa Barbara and visited our grandmas, grandpa, aunts and uncles. Sal was excited that uncle Julio drove by and honked the horn on his low boy tow truck while we were at my moms.  My uncle Greg and aunt Michael were also in town from Oregon and spoiled the kids and me with attention (and extra sets of arms and eyes!). It was really nice to see everyone.

And with that, our week alone has come to an end and NZ will be home to love on the kids and make a super important Christmas tree purchase this weekend! 

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