Friday, July 24, 2015

Gino is 4 months old

Our smiley little guy is 4 months old!
He's 26" tall and 14 lbs. 

July was a month of many firsts for Gino. Here are some of the highlights:

           He rolled over for the first time.

He started sleeping without being arm swaddled. I may have shed a tear or two. In my eyes, the day they break free of swaddling may as well mean they're leaving for college. I've been swaddling around the midsection, but he really doesn't need it. I think I do it more for myself than for him.

See? Totally fine without. And uhm......apparently he's totally cool sleeping on his belly now. He's totally ready to fly the coop already. I mean--so grown up and independent and all. Rolling, sleeping on his belly and the like. Next thing you know, he will be self soothing.

What?! Self soothing did I say?

Why yes, look what else he found. A thumb. 

From all these pictures it must look like all he does is sleep, but I can assure you that's not the case...although he has started sleeping through the night (7:30-5:00) and taking two longer naps during the day. It's by no means a schedule quite yet, but we are getting there. 

He's actually quite a little ham. He loves to be tickled by his siblings, and his big brother Sal can really get him going.

His social calendar was filled with visits to see his great grandmas and grandma in Santa Barbara, a beach party for cousin Pilar down in Huntington Beach and a trip to underwood farms to see the baby animals. 

The biggest news of the month was the completion of his big sister's room, meaning he finally moved out of the pack and play that I shoved in the closet and into a crib in Sal's room. Night one went pretty smooth, although I'm pretty sure Sal was hovering over Gino's crib just waiting for him to fuss a little so that he had good reason to come out of his room to tell us. Here's to many years of bedtime babble and shenanigans between my boys. 

Happy 4th month, G!


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