Saturday, November 1, 2014

Teacher & Me

Earlier this week, I checked out a preschool program that I had heard good things about. I had also heard that the slots fill fast, so I entered the office to inquire about "winter" availability...thinking Winter term equated to January.

To my surprise, winter schedule was to begin in just a couple of weeks! And even better, the day/time I was hoping for had openings for Sal.

We visited the teacher and classroom and he lit up. There was a dress up area, an art area, reading area and lots of cars and parking garages to play with. Outside, there were tricycles for each kid  and sidewalk chalk. 


The teacher invited him to join the class or the last few classes of fall term, so we showed up today which happened to be Halloween. Lucky kid. 

From my years of teaching preschool, I knew that a quick goodbye was best, and that no matter what..I couldn't go back in...even if he cried out for me. He would be okay. But to my delight, he was totally cool with me walking out the door after our quick kiss goodbye. 

He made it easy on his mama. 

I returned a couple hours later to find a little boy engrossed in the inner workings of the microwave and refrigerator of the dress up area kitchen. I just hung by the door and observed with a huge smile on my face until he saw me and shouted, "Mama, you came back!" . 

His teacher showed me pictures of his day (they trick or treated to other classrooms) and said he did excellent. 

And just like that, his first day of school is down in the history books. 

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  1. Dude, he's so lucky to get a few freebies in AND to have it happen on Halloween when they trick-or-treated! I have no problem leaving Benjamin... but I know it's hard on other mamas. Maybe because I'm a teacher myself and know that drill? I don't know. I also think because I knew he would love it, it was easy...