Tuesday, April 22, 2014

As seen in China

Thought I'd share a few of my recent sightings.

Just another day in the life.....

The local bike repair shop. Got a flat? Fix it fast. My father in law took this photo while visiting. This man sets up shop across from our compound.

NZ and I followed this guy through the potholed side streets of Binhu district last weekend. He had a canister of some pressurized gas just hanging out while his trunk banged up and down on it. (Don't worry mom, we didn't follow that closely. This was taken at a stoplight. Rest easy.) my sister pointed out the license reads "DUM", and I agree..dumb move transporting a gas canister this way..hopefully it was empty.

Split pants and fertilizing potted plants at the mall. This one doesn't even phase me anymore. At least this Nǎinai held her grandson over a plant. We've seen a mother squat with her child on the front steps of KFC to poop before. Like, seriously?! On a positive note, potty training Sal could be easier while out and about. I just can't bring myself to do it. 

Hey Nick, why is that lorrie crooked? 

Oh, that's why. 
Missing an axle. 
It's all good, it's tied up with a rope. 

China's interpretation of a food truck. The food tuktuk. 

This guy pumps out puffed tubes of corn. A whole bag for 2 ¥. 
I've never tried them...because, well...gutter oil. 

So, there you go...some of the stuff we see everyday. There's never a shortage of " what were they thinking?!" moments.

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