Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day trip: Wuxi wetlands

Last weekend we took a day trip to an area called Wuxi wetland preserve on the outskirts of lake Taihu.  It was the perfect weather for an afternoon out, with blue skies making an appearance for the first time in months. 

We walked the pathways and looked for wildlife, but didn't see much more than a few fish bubbles and baby ducks. We did find bugs though. Sal was introduced to his first millipedes and sow bugs (aka Rollie pollies). He loved them.

                                 [ stopping to play with a millipede]

It's crazy how city life has affected my children's experiences with the outdoors. My son is two years old and just now learning the awesomeness of catching bugs. The fact that we have to hop in a car and search for open, uncrowded nature parks is another change from our experience in the states. I can't wait to take him on our family's annual Yosemite trip with all his cousins. I hope he develops a love for the outdoors and finds that nature is the world's best playground. 

                                                             [ Sal & me]

On our way out from the preserve, we drove around the point and saw some authentic Chinese village living. It's humbling to see how others live, compared to what we have (and think we need to have). It's also beautiful at the same time. These quaint, quiet villages largely untouched over time. 


    All in all, it was nice to get out of dodge for a day, even if we were still technically in Wuxi.

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