Tuesday, April 16, 2013

FIFTEEN months

With all the visitors and travel, I totally lost track of the days and just realized that Sal hit 15 months while in Japan.

What can I say about Sal at 15 months?

He is. On.the.move.

He is all boy. Rough and tumble, loves wrestling with his dad and wants to climb anything and everything. He loves "helping" me move the laundry from the dryer to the basket, and is pretty darn curious about how cat food tastes.

He has also started trying to share. Goldfish crackers, not cat food. No wonder I am struggling to lose the last 7 lbs. He likes to stand in front of us and feed us goldfish/pretzels/crackers one-by-one. There is no telling the boy no. He just keeps shoving them in your face unless you get up and physically move.

He said goodbye to his twelve month clothes and the last of the onesies (sniff-sniff), and also got a bigger pair of shoes this month. I ordered his first pair of VANS in size 5.0 so he can be like his dad. He is still learning how to walk as well in those as he does with his Soft soled cowboy boots, but he is falling less and less with each day of practice. Oh yeah--in case I forgot to mention, he's officially a walker now. He just took off one day, and hasn't slowed down since!

What else?

He welcomed his grandma to town and showed her around. He got spoiled with hugs, kisses and game playing with grandma Valorie.

He earned his first black eye complete with stitches, four of them to be exact--by falling on my bedside table. Chalk up our second trip to a Chinese hospital in 2013.

He slept through his first earthquake. We don't know how he did, but he didn't even stir during a 6.3 magnitude quake while we were in Japan.

He went to his first aquarium and saw all the marine life.

He got to taste a chocolate Poky stick, his first corn dog and his very own Easter cookie!

He will fork anything he can and get it into his mouth. He's got skills. We're still working on yogurt and beans on the spoon. He has trouble with the dipping part of spoon eating.

Sal's favorite toys these days are his blocks, which have a lid with shape cutouts to put the blocks through. He also has a stacking donuts toy that he can stack with precision. Cars are still popular but have taken a back seat to his "Guess who" and "Go Dog, Go!" books.

When asked, "Sal, where are your shoes?" he will go stand by his shoes and try to slip his foot in. He also started signing the word "more" this past week, and I'm pretty sure he said Jiā (home) tonight as our driver brought us home from grocery shopping.

Chinese, English, and signing?

Pretty darn impressive, Sal.


  1. A few things to mention here besides how cute Sal is (obviously).

    1. I was walking in Belmont Shore last week with my mom and we came up to the VANS store. I told her I cannot wait to buy Benjamin a pair. It's so California of us. ;) I am nowhere near that yet as Benjamin isn't even fitting his size 4's yet!

    2. Hooray for a walker! We still have a timid walker. He's done 20 steps and generally does about 5 before he does a dive to his knees and speed crawls. We'll get there.

    3. NZ's shirt from Channel Islands? We love the CI! We took a boat there one day a few years ago and hiked one of the islands. On the way back, we saw the biggest pod of dolphins I could have ever imagined. Thousands surrounding our boat. It was like a dream!

    4. Slept through that insane earthquake! I'm no stranger to earthquakes, but in Japan? And a 6.3! Yowzers.

    1. Brandy, check out www.cisurfboards.com for Channel Islands shirts. It's all my husband wears (:

      And yeah, VANS and California just go together.

      Loving your Instagram pics!