Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dear Ice Cream Man

Dear Ice Cream Man,

        For the last few weeks, we've heard your familiar music box melodies make their way through the neighborhood. I know that those songs are made to bring all the ice cream lovers out of their yards and homes and over to your truck to feast on the ice cold goodness that only ice cream and popsicles can deliver.

     There's a certain two year old that runs in our house whenever he hears the faint sound of the ice cream truck moving towards our neighborhood. One would assume he'd be running in asking me to buy him a treat, but instead, he's running for cover. You see, Gino has developed a fear of the ice cream man. Just the mention of ice cream, or the faint melodies of your truck in the distance bring out a quivering lower lip and the repetitious "ice Keem, ice keem, Scared." from my kid as he runs to me for comfort.

    Every. Single.Time.

    We've tried telling him that the ice cream truck isn't scary. We've even given him ice cream and told him his dad is the ice cream man. But still, a few times a week, as you roll through, there's a frightened two year old that runs for cover. I guess what I'm saying is you don't need to waste your time rolling down our street any more, because if he had it his way, the doors would be barricaded and dead bolted ten times over before he'd step out to say hi.


The mama of a ice cream truck phobic

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