Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Gino is 6 months old

G celebrated his 6 month birthday by cutting his first two teeth. Cutting was a bit of a rough go for a day or two, but once they came through he was back to his usual self. He's currently cutting the top two and I'm a little sad to see his gummy smile go as it gets replaced with little chicklet teeth.  

I love watching him scoot over to his siblings as they play with their duplo blocks and get hold of one himself. It's like, " hey guys! Here I am! I want to play too!"

He still loves his thumb. When he gets tired he pops it in his mouth and sucks himself to sleep. He's my only thumb sucker so I'm not sure when/how we will tackle breaking the habit. I'm guessing sooner is better than later, but I'd be lying if I said it's not nice to have a self soother. 

The biggest achievement of month six has been his willingness to take a bottle. I sought out advice from a few other moms and they suggested a particular brand of bottle. I sprung for one at Target last week and that very same day he downed two ounces! He even held it himself--score. The only problem now is a feisty kitten who wants in on his bottle. 

We did a bunch of morning walks this month, and once he hit the magical 6 month mark, he started attending the daycare at my gym so I can finally get a decent sweat going again. He's a happy little guy and the girls fight over who gets to hold him each time I drop him off. 

Sleep could be better- he's been waking 1-2 times per night despite eating some purees and having a few ounces of formula per day. It could be the teeth....It could be his guts....or it could be that he's about to crawl on all fours. Who knows? I just hope we're back to our regular schedule again soon!

He had a pediatrician appointment for his 6 month check up and he weighs a whopping 15 lbs and measures 27.75" tall. That puts him in the long and lean category--weight is 15% and height is 90%. He's growing well and I'm quite happy to hear that! A healthy baby is a happy baby. 

Stay tuned for month seven....


  1. Adorable and still has his beautiful blue eyes!

  2. What bottle is that? I have a friend whose daughter is 6mo and refuses all bottles. She's desperate!

    We just got a gym membership yesterday but Claire is super attached and will probably scratch herself out of that room..... ugh.

    When the thumb sucking becomes an issue at age 3ish... let me know. Mavala Stop. Most effective stuff ever. B was an AVID thumb sucker! Done in 3 days and no lasting issues. Best first three years of self soothing ever though!