Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gino is 3 months old

In the last month Gino has morphed from a sleeping newborn into a smiley, interactive baby. I love his 4:30 am smiles even though I'd prefer to be sleeping. If I've got to get up to feed him, at least he's happy to see me. 

He's been sleeping almost through the night. Usually 8:15-4:30, up for a quick feed and back to sleep until 7:30/8:00 am. His naps are sporadic. I haven't put any effort in getting him on a set schedule yet. He usually naps around 11:00 in the ergo, and in the afternoons for a couple hours in his mamaroo. 

He is however, finally in his own room for bedtime, and I'm transitioning his afternoon nap from the mamaroo to his bed as I type. I'm ready to purge the baby gear that resides in my living room. 

Gino continues to be a good little eater. I have no idea what he weighs this month, but he is already wearing six month clothes, so I know he's a growing boy. 

He has spent the last month sitting on the sidelines while we schlep his older siblings to their summer programs. He usually hangs close to me in our ergo, but has recently been riding in our strollers like a big boy and seems to enjoy his own space. It's been so hot that we just stick together when I wear him, so we both appreciate the freedom from one another when he rides instead. 

Tummy time isn't his favorite, but he puts up with it and is holding his head up quite well. He gets frustrated and rocks to the side but still hasn't rolled over--I know it's coming soon. 

   Gino loves conversations with GG pat

          Snuggles with GG Dottie

We took a couple trips to Santa Barbara to see his great grandmas, aunts and uncles last month. Gino loves his snuggles. I feel so fortunate that my children have the opportunity to know their greats. With both of my parents now retired, we hope to see lots more of them in the months to come. 

Here's to an eventful fourth month!

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  1. We are lucky to have you back in california too! Sigh