Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sharing with my "somedays"

When I went away to college, my mom boxed up a bunch of my childhood items. Among that box, was a quiet book that she made me when I was about 3 years old. It's dated 1980. When I got married, she sent the box with me. I've held onto it through numerous moves, and saved it for my "someday" kids.

Today was the day that I pulled out the quiet book for my "somedays". The three of us played quietly together for the better part of a half hour, which says a lot for the attention span of a two year old tornado. Once Carla lost interest in fighting Sal to touch it, I left him be to play with it alone.

I admit. I got misty eyed as I watched and listened to him play with it.

I'm not usually a person that saves things or keeps things for sentimental value. I let go of stuff pretty easy. This quiet book though--it's one of the few material items that mean the world to me (my knitted Christmas stocking being my most treasured). 

Seeing the kids that I saved it for, finally playing with it?....


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  1. Your mom is absolutely incredible. She made that? It's brilliant! If I had a single crafty gene (and a sewing machine, haha), I'd be making one, stat.

    That's absolutely precious and I love it all.

    But most of all, I love that you get to share this special quiet book with your "somedays", finally.