Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Wednesday

A common question back home is "What's a typical day like in China?"

This varies, according to your career, obviously.

My answer is vastly different than the answer you'd get from my ol man. In fact, although we are here together, our experiences are quite different. Where he deals with the day to day business and problem solving, I deal with a one year old with energy abounding.

Here's a typical day in my world....

7:00  Wake up and make breakfast with a hungry child pulling on my pj pants.

7:30  Feed my boys. Feed myself.

8:00  NZ's driver arrives, and he leaves for the office. Sal plays in the living room until naptime.

8:30  naaaaaaptime! This is where I have a chance to do my 30 Day Shred video in the living room with no one around to laugh at me getting an ass whooping by Jillian Michaels. After that's over, I shower, throw a load of laundry in and get dressed for the day. I admit, if we have no where to go, I wear sweats. Sometimes I go dressy sweats (with makeup) and others I go casual ( without makeup). Depends on the mood. Today Sal decided he did not need a morning nap, so he played quietly in his crib while I got my workout in.

9:30-10:00 Sal wakes up, has a diaper change, and we put on his clothes for the day. He gets a snack, and we either play at home ( while I skype my sister) or head out for an activity. Today we walked a half mile to the tailor and fruit stand.

Getting my jeans hemmed

Fruit stands

While we waited for the tailor to hem my jeans for 5 RMB (75 cents), we cruised over to our favorite fruit lady and bought some fruit. We went back inside the market and the tailor had finished my pants, so we paid her and made our way home.

Sal scored a FREE banana with his charm
12:00 Diaper change & playtime while I make lunch. Today NZ was home for lunch between two meetings on this side of town ( his office is a good 30 minutes away). We ate lunch at the table before naptime came around again.

12:45-14:45 Naptime. Oh how I {heart} naptime blog/facebook/Netflix/"me" time. It took 12 months for us to get to this point where naps are somewhat like clockwork, but boy oh boy was the consistency worth it.

15:00 Our ayi arrives. Snack time for Sal (& me). Sometimes we stick around the house, and other times we head over to Mrs. Georgia's apartment ( she has a basement playroom) to play or if the weather is nice enough, we take a walk around the greenbelt behind our apartment. 2 laps is a mile.

The greenbelt view from our apartment
17:00 If we're out and about we usually head home around this time to get dinner started.

18:00 NZ gets home from work.

18:15 Dinner time.

18:30 Either NZ or I will try to head to the gym while the other one cleans up the dinnertime disaster mess, handles bath, bottle and bedtime for the boy. This happens about 2-3 times a week.

19:00 Bedtime for Sal.

NZ and I usually spend the rest of the night on the couch watching TV, playing XBOX and browsing the internet on my iPad til bedtime.

Exciting life, eh?

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  1. This was lots of fun to read. :)

    I had no idea your Ayi arrives so late! What does she do exactly? How long is she there?

    I love that trail below. I sure wish I had someone to walk the trails with me in our neighborhood. I'm always solo on that one.

    I am SHOCKED to hear that the cost of tailoring your pants is less than a buck. I am beyond jealous on that one. I have so many pants that are too long and therefore rolled (I'm so ghetto) because I refuse to pay roughly 20-50% the cost of the pants to have them tailored. What a deal you have there!